Embroidery Stitches

How to do Straight Stitch, Seed Stitch and Backstitch

I use straight stitch, seed stitch and backstitch quite often in my work so I thought I’d show you how to do them. They are fairly straight forward and easy to do with practice.

Straight Stitch/Running Stitch

Straight stitch, also known as running stitch, is one of the most basic stitches in hand sewing. It can be used to sew two pieces of fabric together or as a decorative embroidery stitch.Running Straight Stitch

Simply bring your needle up and down through the fabric to make a line of equally sized and spaced stitches.

You can use straight stitch to create curves and random stitches of varying length to enhance your embroidery too.

Seed Stitch

Seed stitch is a series of very small straight stitches sewn randomly in different directions. This delicate stitch, also known as the rice stitch, can be used to fill a space or add an area of shading.

Make a scattering of stitches by bringing your needle up and down through the fabric using tiny equally sized stitches.


Backstitch is used to produce an outline or to sew two pieces of fabric together. Bring your needle up through the fabric from back to front and take a backward stitch down, then feed the needle back up through the fabric a space away from the first stitch. Next, push your needle down at the end of the first stitch. Repeat in this way to make one continuous line.

I hope you enjoy practicising your stitches … remember practice makes perfect!

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