Worry Birds

Worry Birds and Helpful Tips on How to Use Them

I love our new Worry Birds, they are so sweet and adorable!

At only 2 inches tall these little worry birds have been especially created for you to discreetly hold in your hand to help soothe away feelings of anxiety. They are small enough to pop in your pocket or carry in your bag/purse and can be taken wherever you go.


I have chosen to use premium wool blend felt so that they’re beautifully soft and squishy and have used a variety of colours to suit all tastes.

Watch out for new colours coming soon!

Each little bird comes with a short poem (written by me) and a white velvet pouch.



How to use your Worry Bird:

These lovely little birds are a wonderful tool to help reinforce skills for dealing with stress and anxiety. Simply seeing or touching the bird can help calm your mind.

Here are three ways you can use your worry bird:

  1. Hold your worry bird in your hand when feeling tense to remind yourself to relax and breathe.
  2. At times of high anxiety, hold your worry bird and focus on a positive affirmation to help counteract those anxious feelings.
  3. To help replace a bad habit, play with your worry bird in your hands to distract you until the urge or craving passes.

If you would like your own worry bird, they are available in my shop HERE.

Until next time.

June x

UPDATE: Our new Worry Birds have safety eyes and a little gold heart added and are made with premium wool blend felt or pretty patterned felt in various colours. New birds are being listed regularly so keep your eyes peeled 👀 for your favourite!

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