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Why Crafting is Good for You

Over the last week or two I’ve been working on a new felt pattern design for my shop. I’ve enjoyed creating this pattern so much that I started to ask myself why crafting and sewing makes me feel good.

Is it the cuteness factor I wonder?


Well it could be … these little piggies are kinda cute! ….. OR is it simply because doing a fun activity naturally lifts our mood?

It’s all about ‘being in the flow’

According to research it’s all about ‘being in the flow’. Taking part in a fun hobby or activity such as reading, exercising, gardening, bungee jumping, baking, sewing or even colouring-in, in fact anything that holds our attention is GOOD for us. This is because when we are immersed in doing something that we enjoy, so much so that we lose track of time (being in the flow), it frees our mind of all those little niggles and everyday stresses.

It has been proven many times that crafting, or whatever takes your fancy, reduces our anxiety levels AND raises our quota of happiness and well-being.

So I’m going to carry on crafting and creating felt cuties and maybe get the gardening gloves out too!

What fun hobbies do you enjoy? I would love to know.

Until next time.
June x

P.S. ~ You can find the pattern for these sweet little pigs right here.

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