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From Idea to New Pattern Design

I love to design and create and usually have lots of exciting ideas running around my head at one time. I’ve a mountain of bits of paper with sketches and doodles on them but only a few make it to the design stage…. So HOW does an idea evolve into a pattern and then a finished cutie?

The Sketch: 

First I make a sketch of the idea. This panda was sketched following a customer request for a panda pillow.


…. and this drawing was done after a customer asked for a pug pillow.


The Template:

I then make a number of template pieces by tracing over each feature i.e. the face, ears, eyes and nose. Each template piece is then cut out in felt ready to sew together.



It’s a bit like a jig saw puzzle as each piece is appliquéd onto the face. I love to see how things come together and a little character emerges.

Here’s how the panda and pug pillows turned out. I was quite happy with the end results!



What do you think?

Bye for now.

                   June x 

P.S. ~ You can find the pattern for the panda pillow right here.

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